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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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you will be the facilities use agreement that accompanies each of those offer us and will be able to review and ratify those agreements sometime after may 1 whtd process is finished. >> i have one speaker card on this item. i'm not sure if she is still here. hillary harmsome. thank you. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. good evening president norton, superintendent and commissioners and district staff. i am hillary harmsome. good pronunciation. i am with the charter school association and behalf to speak for the member schools and our concern about the proposed increase. as a professional organization for charterer public schools our role is help charters navigate
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their unique challenges. two challenges that come up again and again they receive less money than traditional schools and limited access to affordable quality facilities. they're public school students and observe equitable access to facilities and they're required to provide the facilities equal to other schools. historical sfusd has offered fair rates on to schools with facilities and allowing them to have a healthy balance between these issues. this proposal in front of you today however would result in a 181% increase in facilities cost for charter schools in just two years. these increase expenses will have an significant and
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detrimental impact on all charter schools and facilities. for example a school with a 20,000 square foot facility would experience this much of a increase for expenses. schools would need to divert funds that are used for teachers and books and learning materials. the proposed increase to $2.79 would further widen the gap between traditional public schools and charter schools. while charter schools are publicly funded stpds show they're significant lie under funded compared to traditional schools. in conclusion we respect that charter schools asking for facilities be provided with the legal rational for the 180 increase and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk about the rational and impact of the increase. we understand there are numerous
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costs with facilities and maintenance and we look for that and the anticipate costs over the next few years. thank you very much. >> thank you. any questions or comments from board members? >> commissioner, this increase will eventually in the two years amount to how much money? >> in the current year we will collect exclusive of metro because they're not under prop 39 but we have a five year lease from them. we will collect about $270,000 so in the following year we go to 550 and after that go to about 850. >> i'm sorry. i didn't understand that. 550 -- >> five $50,000. >> for metro. >> no total. >> >> i was looking for a per
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square foot figure from you so it was like what? so the per square foot is $2.79. >> it would be $2.79 in 14-15. >> my only question about this is apparently we had not raised the fee in five years or something; right? it was about five years, so is this something that school districts would normally do on an annual basis so it doesn't come in such a big walop or is it usual that a school district will periodically do this. >> we're allowed to do it every time we make an effort because what we have to do when we make the offer is look at the prior year expenses so in this case we looked at 11-12 and do the calculation of the gross numbers and come up with the fee, and basically what we can charge is up to the amount that we have
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arrived at. i know that when i started last year it was right before this process began and it was 95-cents. we took a quick look. we couldn't do the calculations before february 1 and made sure we had it up-to-date moving forward. >> is there a reason if you know why we had not raised the fee or reevaluated the fee in five years? >> well, i don't think it's quite the case that we hadn't looked at the numbers for five years, but what we did find when we were looking at examples of our methodology in certain respect it is compared to other districts we found that a close
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look at the regulations with respect to implementing prop 39's provisions did allow us under prop 39 to have a different application of the methodology than we had been using before, so for example if we were using as the denominator for the per square footage calculation the exterior space of the parcels, of all of the district property we could instead use the interior space for many of the purposes of this calculation, and this became clear to us as we were looking at benchmarks and other methodologies i will thank general counsel davis for sharing the information that others use and the rate is $6 per square foot so seeing the
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differences prompted us to take a closely look at the application of the regulations and that was really more of the basis for us seeing that we could and in our opinion should have a different methodology for the rate. it's not that we didn't look at the actual cost for five years but it was a tweak in the methodology. >> okay. okay. i got it. thank you. any other questions from the board? commissioner mendoza. >> all right. thank you. so i am always support in finding revenue and i appreciate you guys have dug a little deeper on this. however, i am concerned about the reaction to this from our charter schools and i imagine they're just getting the letter and i appreciate we're going to do this incrementally but i wanted to know if there was an initial reaction to this? it seems just on the surface in
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general it seems reasonable in terms of the price of space especially in our city, but just the impact it will have on just challenging budgets and going into it next year with a higher amount when fundraising happens. usually they're budgeting for the upcoming year like we often do, so i just worry they're not prepared to take on an extra amount at this time and i am wondering what the reaction has been. >> well, we wanted to let them know as early as possible, so they could plan their budgets. we had planned to let them know in december but we weren't able to make that. i have actually personally reached out to every affected charter school and had the discussion. they do want to make sure that we have a firm legal basis for the amount we
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determined, and we will share that with them, and before that as far back as a year ago when we made the preliminary offers for this year we made it clear it was 95 cents, but we were going to recalculate it and we would let them know what it would be, and we have had several conversations over the year about the fact that would be coming. >> can i just ask one more question? how long have we had it at 95-cents? >> from what i have been able to determine we had it at that rate for at least five years and as deputy superintendent lee said we looked at it as recently as 2010 but under the that methodology the way we looked at it then we still had it at 95-cents. >> so if it's at least five
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years i am curious what it went up to. did we go from 80 or 95 or what was it ought for the last 20 years. >> this would be in effect since prop 39 was approved and i'm not sure what year that took place. >> (inaudible). >> 2000. okay. so we have to look at the archives to see what the rates were at the time and 2007 time frame. i don't think we have that information tonight. >>i started looking several days ago. i haven't found the answer yet. >> don't spend a lot of time on it. i am curious of what the jump has been. this is doubling and tripling and the preparation for that and again i am supportive of the increase. i feel like it's fair. i just worry about the short amount of time that folks have to adjust
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to that. okay. thank you very much. i'm sure we will be hearing more about this. we're going to move on to -- oh jill, sorry. >> okay. may i speak? >> yes please. >> thank you. >> i wanted to thank the staff. i wanted to be clear we have been i think we have been extremely generous with our charter schools which has been our habit whatever the requirements are. that we have been very willing to be modest and not to seek whatever -- not to be as tough as we might have been, so i really -- and i
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think we also need to recognize that this is kind of just like we have done with our leases, not for charter schools, but for other purposes and a number of other things that we instructed the staff that one of the budget balancing strategies is maximize revenue from resources, our real estate assets, and so i appreciate this, and i also appreciate because i was going to ask that same question. the comment that was just made about having discussed this with our charters previous to this official action and that really they have had time to plan and also really shouldn't and can't with prudence count on
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permanent under value of our properties, so i wanted to thank you and express my support. thank you. >> okay. thank you. and with that now we are finish with this topic. okay. we're going to move on to item n consent calendar items removed at the last meeting. there are none tonight. item o voting on the candidate which was moved and seconded. roll call. >> thank you. ms. fewer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> ms. maufas. ms. mendoza. >> yes except on k1. >> thank you. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> ms. wynns. >> aye. >> ms. norton. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. now we have item p,
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consent calendar discussion severed for board action and discussion. we had three and listed at j, k, and l but they're 10, 11 and 12. >> thank you president norton my apologize for not listing them correctly so i just have a question. i know that the city has had difficulties in getting their own projects done based on the confusion of who will actually do the work so i wanted to know how we're addressing that in the contracts who actually install the solar panels and are they on track to do it and i think there has been a huge delay 18 months or more on city projects already? >> good evening commissioners. i am david goldman chief
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f officer. you know that we have a strong relationship with the puc and receive the water and power at 1/3 the cost everybody pace for in their house they fund our sustainability and sponsor a number of projects. they have some funding to come in and do solar installations at certain sites in our district that they deem to be appropriateness and it has a new roof. it's in a part of town that sets a lot of sunshine and typically the size of a roof that works for a about a $500,000 installation. the advantage of these installations is that they install it for free. they maintain it for 25 years and we get the power in the school at exactly the same
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rate we would pay if it came across a wire from hetch hetchy, so it's sort of the universal win-win of going green. now, on the flip side we're also doing some of our own installations so we're trying both. we have just finished the first one that they did for us at el dorado and the puc subcontracted the work out to their solar provider commissioner. the project was done complete on time and on schedule with the group and in fact the grand opening of the installation, and i think commissioner wynns was due to be one of the keynote speakers happened to fall on the day of the connecticut tragedy and it was canceled so that is still to happen so i can't speak to the
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particulars commissioner. can i get you the information. i can tell you that first one was done over the summer. it went smoothly. the school is delighted and we're hoping to move forward. we think thurgood marshall that has a great flat roof and downtown high school obviously in a place with a lot of sun and we scheduled ortega to be third and we need to do modernization and need a new roof and target certain places in the city and high profile. so far so good and as with all things we need to stay on top of it. >> yes thank you. so i agree that it's a really good deal. it's great. we have a great partnership with the puc. i think my question is how are we addressing the confusion who
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will do the work and do we know in terms of the contract who is actually installing the solar panels? >> actual name -- our contract is with the san francisco puc so they have taken on the contract. they have taken on the liability and they have taken on the job of providing the contractor and getting their bond and insuring that work is done on time. we monitor that what we get works for us, can be intaughted on the building the way it should be and force them to go to the architect and get it approved. we can get you that information but i personally don't have it at hand. >> thank you. >> roll call please. >> on 10, 11, 12. >> yes. >> yes. >> >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> aye. >> thank you and ms. norton.
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>> yes. >> seven aye's. >> thank you. okay. we will move on to item q, superintendent's proposals first reading. can i hear a motion and a second for guiding principles regarding practices for the san francisco unified school district. item listed here. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. this item will be referred to the rules committee for consideration, and i believe that is it for item q. item r board member proproposals and there are none tonight. next item i will read the stapding committee and read them into the record so for the year
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business service will be chaird by commissioner wynns and commissioner haney and mendoza will be members. buildings grounds and service be chaired by commissioner mendoza and vice mayor fewer and president norton will be members of that committee. curriculum and program will be chaired by commissioner murase and vice mayor fewer and commissioner maufas will be members of the that committee. rules and policy and legislation chaired by commissioner haney and president norton will be members and ad hoc will be chaired by commissioner murase and commissioner haney and wynns will be members. ad hoc committee on personnel matters i chaired by vice mayor fewer and commissioner mendoza will also be a member. the school select submit is comprised of norton,
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wynns and mendoza and the joint committee ad hoc the co-chair will be commissioner haney, commissioner race and myself will also be members. at this point could everybody tell me if you have determine the the dates for your committee and times? yes commissioner haney why don't we start with you. >> yes rules and policy and legislation meeting third wednesdays at 630. >> [inaudible] >> commissioner haney have you scheduled your first meeting? yes, i think it's february 20, whatever that third wednesday is, so yeah. >> you will have another shot to announce it. commissioner
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murase. >> the curriculum committee will remain on the first monday at 6:00 p.m. and planning to meet on february 4. the ad hoc committee on student assignment -- i requested the third wednesday at 6:00 p.m.. i'm not sure if there is a conflict but that's what i requested. >> okay. that is building and grounds. commissioner mendoza have you determined a date for buildings and groupeds? >> our plan was to keep it on the same monday but i believe we were having challenges with it this month because of the holiday, so but it will be the -- we want to try and keep it scheduled for the third monday of the month. >> okay. so would that conflict with student assignments? >> yeah. >> okay. but you don't necessarily intend to have a meeting every month of student assignments or do you? >> i do but i will poll my
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committee members for another night. >> okay. okay. so we're -- so then buildings and grounds will remain as is. commissioner fewer. >> that's fine. personal labor will meet on a as needed basis . the chief of human resources requested that perhaps we have a meeting after march when he i think his staff is able to gather more information about his report on the diversity of our staff. thank you. >> okay. do you have all the information that you need? okay. thank you very much. >> can i make -- >> yes, one orthoon the city school district i am meeting with supervisor kim tomorrow and she wants to just have one meeting a month and not the two. >> [inaudible] >> right. she just wants -- it's been twice a month but one
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gets canceled so she only wants to -- she is going to say i'm only doing one per month. >> [inaudible] >> yeah and they will stay on thursdays at 330 and i believe it's the third thursday. i actually think she wanted that but i will confirm that tomorrow with her. >> okay thank you everybody. commissioner wynns. >> i couldn't hear any of you it except it's about the select committee which i am a member of. >> we'll have ms. cast codistribute this to the board but the information was supervisor kim, former commissioner kim will only have selected committee once a month and the plan is the third thursday at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you. >> okay. now, other board
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delegates to membership organizations. miss casco i was going to name commissioner haney to that. do i do that now? >> you can. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i was waiting until you left the room but you didn't leave the room. any other reports by board members? >> can i ask on the council great city schools former president yee had appointed me as the delegate for the council. is that going to remain? >> i had assumed if had ain't broke don't fix it. >> if i may -- >> feel free. >> thank you. >> yes. >> i have some brief announcements. i just want to really acknowledge common sense media and merv lapis for their great collaboration on
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january 18 for our district wide internet safety instruction day. it's been a really wonderful partnership and they have brought over $100,000 in resources to the district to make sure that our kids understand media literacy, internet safety. i want to congratulate the five keys charter high school winter class of 2013 who graduated today. [inaudible] celebration and celebrate chinese new years on the second and the commissioners are invited to the celebration of rosa parks birtd day at rosa parks. chinese new years celebration is also that day at 1030 and wanted to congratulate the winners of the richmond district spelling bee that included elementary schools in the richmond district. thank
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you. >> i would like to wish everybody because the next meeting is february 12 i happy chinese new year. >> okay. yes commissioner mendoza. >> really quickly i want just to share with everyone the wonderful experience during the mlk celebration. they do an annual event at the theater which is always sold out and always amazing and filled with youth who express yourself in ways that you can't imagine unless you experience it so i encourage you all to support youth speaks and the great work they're doing. i want to congratulate ucsf mission bay campus for their 10 year anniversary which was exciting to have and then lastly i think we already acknowledged this but
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i wanted to thank mayor lee for the proposal he's putting forward to not pull the trigger for this and the first time since the city has been allowed to pull the trigger it's not being pulled by the mayor and that is exciting so thank you mayor lee. >> thank you. thank you for the applause. okay. item t, report of closed session action. there are nothing to report. the next one is posted in the agenda. next item is adjournment. meeting adjourned. we were going to recess to closed session.
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